Jump in, choose what echoes, attracts your eye and begin. There is always a beginning...

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* Without words how to exchange, get in touch with each other? We all use language. I was immersed in two cultures and in two languages from an early age, this situation allowed me to be interested in words, the choice of words, their scope, their meaning, their connotation. The possibility of choosing one's language gives access to more clarity and connection. This space exists to wake up, to enrich our language, to have at disposal a palette of linguistic shades, to verbalize with more sharpness.

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* I like to meet, to see, mix with, explore, this is what I suggest doing in this space. Exploring also means meeting, opening to OTHERS. This idea of OPENING gave me the wish to share these "others" that I discover on the path of yoga. With the series "CONNECTION", I let myself be inspired by what echoes in their approach, their research, their questioning, their perception and it's likely I get out of the frame of yoga to enter in it afterwards,  I let myself be carried to soak in what makes sens to me. 

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*When I was I kid I wanted to be an archeologist. I have heard and read back then, few days after  I finally chose what to do with my life, that all what could be discovered on earth was almost completely discovered. That was hard to hear and I lived a long time with that idea in my mind, I wouldn’t travel and run after hidden places under earth, sea or in losts parts of the earth. Then one day, when I was least expecting it, I stumbled over my body. That simple discovery that couldn’t be nearer blow out my mid. I had a body that was a territory, a galaxy so close to me to EXPLORE! And from that day, every day is full of surprises and discoveries. In this space I want to share that excitement of exploration with you. Namaste